Thursday, July 2, 2009

CC Shaky as Yanks fall to the Mariners (Postgame Notes 2 July 2009)

The Yankees did not play a particularly horrid game--certainly not their worst of the season--but their ace did struggle on the mound.

Meanwhile the Seattle Mariners were finally able to mount an offense (if you get a chance to see Russell Branyan hit the restaurant--yes, the restaurant--do it), and got the same pitching they've had all season that's actually among the best in the majors.

Put the two together, and you get a Seattle win.

For the Yankees, the real concern here is not the hitting, but whether or not CC's shaky outing was just one of those things, or if it is in some way related to the biceps tendinitis he had earlier. It probably isn't, but given the amount invested in him, it's best to be sure.

Seattle never led by more than four runs; the first four run lead was the fault of Sabathia and the second could possibly be attested to Girardi leaving Alfredo Aceves in the game too long. At any rate, Branyan hit a moonshot, and coming as late in the game as it did, it was a bit of a death knell.

The good news is that tomorrow is a day game, a quick turnaround so that the blah-ness of today's game can be quickly forgotten.

Of course, the Blue Jays must be considered a stronger opponent than any of the Braves, Mets or Mariners, but the Yankees took two of three from them earlier, and there is no reason to think they can't at least split this series (taking three of four would, of course, be wonderful; all four would be beyond awesome, but I hear beating Roy Halladay is hard.)

If you want an interesting story from today, the SD/HOU game was delayed because of bees.

Yeah, you read that right.