Monday, February 25, 2008

Jip Jip Jorge?

I overslept a bit and don't have a whole lot of time, but here we go:

Today's Pete Abraham topic to be addressed:

Can Jorge Posada repeat his walk-year production?

The short answer is: Sure, but it's not likely.

A .338 average is in the running for the batting title no matter what position you play. For a catcher not named Ivan Rodriguez to hit like that is impressive, but for a catcher that's thirty-six years old to do it? That's historic.

Even by Posada's own standards--He is a lifetime .277 hitter and his previous high for a season was .280, which makes the .277 a bit inflated.

There's no reason Posada can't have another good year; even before 2007 he was a critical part of the Yankees' squad, but asking him to repeat what he did last year is like asking the Yankees to repeat what they did in 1998.

Posada won't have an awful year; that's certainly not Posada-like, but repeating what he did last year is certainly a stretch.


Again, sorry it's so short but I've got to get ready for class and all.

In other news, Check out Mussina's interior decorating skills!

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