Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stupor Bowled (a LiveBlog experiment)

Note to self: Telling your professor you'll have an assignment done the same day as the biggest American sporting event of the year is generally a bad idea.


So here we go.

1.38 PM: TV is off. I have to do thesis corrections for the first section, and while it shouldn't take me too long, I can't work with the TV done. I can finish tomorrow if I don't today, but I'm better off getting it done now.

1.57 PM: Have gone through and done all the minor corrections, but still have some of the harder stuff, such as redoing citations. Trying to decipher my adviser's handwriting is an adventure.

2.41 PM: Hardest part of thesis corrections done, but whether or not the adviser likes it, is another story. A little more to go, mostly correcting citations, and then I can turn the TV on without any real sense of guilt.

3.44 PM: Thesis corrections for first section DONE and emailed to adviser. TV is now on. Paying special attention to the commercials, especially as it gets closer to game time, to see how many for local spots there are.

3.50 PM: That segment on how the Super Bowl impacts business is actually really interesting, and I hate to say it, but Trump's right--the Super Bowl is a microcosm of American spending habits. One of the most interesting segments I've seen.

3.52 PM: And they follow it up with this? If I wanted to watch Access Hollywood, I would--how much would you be the parties are a result of one of the teams being New York? Like, I mean, if it was, say, the Arizona Cardinals, would it be this exciting?

3.54 PM: Ahh! House! Best show on TV. No question.

4.10 PM: So I couldn't read the text on that commercial, as my eyes are kind of bad and I'm sitting kind of far from my TV, but I got the gist of it, and it did make me chuckle...that's one way to find someone's house!

4.11 PM: A political ad? YUCK. I am a voter and I do NOT approve of this message.

4.26 PM: I give Paula Abdul credit, she can still move. However, I am unsurprised and disgusted that FOX is using the Super Bowl as one giant American Idol advertisement. Football players aren't generally well known for their music.

4.28 PM: Another political ad Yuck. Again. However, I do have to say, GO AND VOTE ON TUESDAY, if you're a registered Republican or Democrat. I'm registered independent.

4.45 PM: Hmm, best NFL dynasty of all time? Have to go with the Packers. Those that do it first usually do it best.

5.02 PM: Alicia Keys is okay, not really my style of music. Still haven't seen anything that beats KISS from a few years ago, though...

5.12 PM: Ok, that Russell Crowe piece did sort of get to me. Perfection? Always elusive. No matter how good you are, there will always be someone better...

6.04 PM: My friend Dan is going to come over to watch the game. He's a Patriots fan. Anyway, I'm trying to order some Buffalo wings for him, but the number of the place is busy. I've tried calling about four times now, and the website doesn't want to work properly.

Guess I should have planned ahead.

6.18 PM: And the American Idol advertisement continues. At least Jordin Sparks has a connection to the NFL though, so I'm not totally appalled. She also has a good voice. That counts, too.

6.26 PM: Giants win the coin toss. I nearly always go with tails myself, but more because I think 'tails' is better sounding than 'heads'....and that came out really, really wrong.

6.37 PM: I usually don't like car commercials, but that one may have been worth my time. Good opening drive by the Giants so far. So far.

6.45 PM: Good drive, but unable to finish. Good thing Tynes seems to have shaken off Green Bay. The "What is Love" commercial, the song reminds me of my childhood.

6.54 PM: Super Bowl XLII: Defense is Overrated.

7.01 PM: Doritos chose well. I really enjoyed that.

7.02 PM: Oh, irony. Announcer dude 1: The shorter game helps the Giants. Announcer dude 2: TOUCHDOWN NEW ENGLAND!

7.06 PM: Of course, how could I forget there'd be a FedEx commercial.

Dan: If ever there was a website whose name was misleading as to the purpose of the site, it'd have to be

7.09 PM: Talk about being in the right place at the right time...not sure what Eli was getting at there, but he got REAL lucky.

7.16 PM: Count on Budweiser to have a good one. A Super Bowl ad perennial.

7.25 PM: If that commercial was supposed to get me to try Life Water, it didn't work. I am now oggling my bottle of Wegmans Spring Water for Geckos.

7.35 PM: If there was no flag, that fumble-turned-first down would be the funniest play of the night.

7.42 PM: Now, THOSE are the type of mice I'm worried about running around my apartment!

7.54 PM: First Half Comments: One of the quickest first halves of a playoff football game in recent memory--the Giants game against Green Bay started at about the same time and didn't end till nearly 11, but this is on pace to be over around 9.30 PM.

The first and second quarters could not have been more different; the first with just two possessions and no defense, the second, more or less the exact reverse.

The Giants defense looks GOOD. The offense...well, they don't look horrible, but they've certainly looked better. The Patriots are more or less the same.

It was a first half that certainly kept my attention, can't wait to see what the second half brings.

8.05 PM: Well now, there's my innuendo for the day. The explosion in the heart when the oddly shaped guitar reached it was an excellent touch...

8.11 PM: Dan: MOVE IT DAMN YOU (said to Tom Petty). When you hear the 'Frreeeeeee falling' you have to sing it.

Truer words have rarely been spoken.

8.17 PM: That Ford Commercial may have been hands-down the most boring Super Bowl commercial ever. Though this Time Warner one is certainly up there.

8.34 PM: Too many men on the field? Isn't that something you usually see only in hockey? Would be a really stupid penalty. Also, not a huge fan of that bud light commercial. Cavemen have been done before.

8.58 PM: This has got to be one of the lowest scoring Super Bowls. I wonder what the record is for the lowest scoring one of all time? Any one know?

9.05 PM: Dan: Wait. Marilyn Monroe, Madonna and Shakira? That makes no sense!

9.11 PM: Dan tried to trick me into thinking that the Patriots had the ball, because I can't see the score from where I'm sitting (I'm sitting kind of far from the TV), but it didn't work. GO GIANTS!

9.40 PM: The Giants' defense was spent on that. They've got one chance now to score a TD. Stay tuned, this could be one of the greatest finishes in Super Bowl history.

Remember 2000 anyone?

9.54 PM: I don't know how Eli avoided that sack, but that's one for the highlight reel.

9.56 PM: They don't get any more story-book than this.

22.06 PM: Wow. Perfect. Summary post coming up in a little bit.


  1. Reading and enjoying the Liveblog. I agree that the Super Bowl and business segment was interesting, but it seemed to just be promoting Fox Business Channel.

    Really bummed that the Rangers won today. Only 1 NHL game and 2 NBA games on the docket.

    I'll be voting on Tuesday. The candidates camps have already invaded my train stations every morning.

    My NFL best dynasty goes to the 49ers. No one did it better than Joe Montanata, and followed up by Steve Young.

    House rocks. I still think given the Writers strike, FOX should have premeired the Terminator series here instead of running with a House series that only has one or two new episodes left.

    Go referees!

  2. hard nosed defense, great game.

    second half is going to be a really interesting.

  3. Perhaps Brady is human after all.

    I'm really enjoying the liveblogging btw.

  4. This game was wild but especially in the 4th quarter. I was really proud of this team after what they gone through.