Friday, February 29, 2008

Mmmm, Aaaah, Spring (Part Two)

The important thing to remember is that except for a few people at USF, today's game does not matter in the long run. Heck, that's why they call 'em exhibition games!

Anyway, that says, there are a few comments to make:

1) The Yankees seem to have picked up right where they left off--Joba, Phil and Ian are awesome, when Giambi is the worst guy in your starting line-up, that says something, and Kei Igawa still doesn't belong in a major league uniform.

2) Eric (Mike?) Baumann just had one of the top ten moments in his life. Okay, a grand slam against Kei Igawa is not a grand slam against Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain, but still. It's gotta stay with you for a while.

[EDIT: The USF roster site lists an Eric Baumann, while Feinsand says his name is Mike. Not sure which it is.]

3) The radio announcers did a great job, and once again makes you wonder why the Yankees announcers...well, could use some improvement (and I generally like John Sterling).

4) For the little while I was watching the game, I really felt like it was spring, so when I got up to make some pasta and I saw the ground outside covered in snow, it was a bit of a letdown.


  1. It was kind of a predictable game even if it was only game 1 of the exhibition season. Alex led the team in RBIs followed by Posada (they pretty much carried the team last season). The pitching was really good except for Kei Igawa. I wish that Cashman would finally admit his mistake and trade the guy. Thought San Diego was interested in him last year.

    It is great to have Yankee baseball back.

  2. I'm pumped for Sunday. I'm ordering a pizza and camping in front of the TV to watch Yankees-Phillies!

  3. josh: now you made me want pizza!

    When that Baumann kid tells this story to his grandkids, you know he's leaving out that he hit the grand slam off of Kei Igawa.

  4. Andrea - You're right. Bauman will probably say he hit it off of Rivera or Chamberlain!