Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pfft, Groundhogs

Well, I mean, it's actually seven weeks until March 21st, so technically, yes, there are six more weeks of winter, but I mean, really, like the groundhog's ever right about these things...

Anyway, the Blog Plan for Spring Training is as follows--and I'll do my best to actually, y'know, stick to it:

Most of this month won't be too totally different than the previous ones. I'll try to do the once-a-day update thing, unless something totally news/blogworthy occurs, and of course, a celebratory on the fourteenth and updates on The Season every Sunday, for the few of you that read it. Oh, and I'll liveblog the Super Bowl, because, well, I can.

March, however, is gonna be all sorts of fun.

I'm going to do a team-preview-a-day, starting March 1st, in alphabetical order (so I can save the best for last and yet have a convincing argument that it's not favoritism, even if it blatantly is). Some of these previews will be fairly in-depth, some won't be quite so much, and the reasoning behind this is that a) Yankee fans are probably more concerned about AL teams than NL teams, especially AL East teams, and b) depending on the day and how much or little of coursework I've gotten done, I might not have time to fully research. I will, of course, do the best I can.

I probably won't blog every spring training game, but I'll do what I can, and, who knows, maybe attempt a live blog on a Saturday or Sunday for the heck of it.

So that is the grand plan, regardless of what any little furball groundhog has to say about it...

(I mean, does no one even ask Scooter what he thinks?!)

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