Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In Season, Out of Season

Last night I wrote about eight pages of The Season, but not in the way that most of you have seen it. However, I have to say it came out really well, and hopefully one day you'll all get to see it. =D

Meanwhile, it's been snowing all day here, there's about six or seven inches on the ground. It is really really pretty, but the upside kind of ends there. It's cold, gets through my boots, makes driving anywhere a chore and means I've got to budget an extra ten minutes to get to class.

Anyway, I got the email from The Yankees Website regarding the premium ticket drawing, and as I expected, I didn't get picked.

Just means I'll have to work harder to get to that game at Fenway on my birthday.

Inter-squad game tomorrow, first exhibition game on the 29th. It's hard to believe we're so close to the season when it is WHITE outside, but truth is, we are. I wish they televised the Inter-squad game, though, that could be a lot of fun to watch. Maybe next time.

I have set time on the 2nd for the first televised game to watch it, just because it is the first televised game. As all Spring Training games are during the day I'll miss most of them while at class, but, as the 2nd is a Sunday, I don't have to worry about that tiny detail.

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