Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cliff Diving (Postgame Notes 06 May 2008)

Most of the time, if your starter goes seven innings giving up three runs or less, your team is in good shape. In fact, such a scenario is called a "quality start".

Most of the time, however, the opposing pitcher does not sport a 0.96 ERA.

Cliff Lee did not just come as advertised tonight, but he made an excellent case for starting the All Star game, as well as even winning the Cy Young.

Chien Mien Wang did not have a strong first inning, and even though he settled down, there was simply no way he could out pitch Lee.

In fact, right now, it doesn't look like anyone can out pitch Lee. The only mystery seems to be when Lee's luck will run out--because it seems too good to hold true for the entire season.

Then again, stranger things have happened.

On the offensive side, the Yankees were able to manage hits--Abreu, Matsui, Duncan, Cabrera and Canò managed hits--but they were not able to put anything substantial together, and each time they had two men on base, there were also two out.

It's hard to fault an A-Rod and Posada-less offense for this loss; Lee was that good.

OPTIMIST TAKE: Even though Wang lost the game, he battled back from his shaky first inning and gave a quality start. Alex Rodriguez may be back in the line up as early as Wednesday. Kyle Farnsworth again looked good. David Cook is in the top three!

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