Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's a dirty Joba (Postgame Notes 06 May 2008)

Nothing about tonight's game felt normal, but until the top of the eighth, the Yankees looked as though they might escape with a win.

They had a one run lead, behind solid pitching from Andy Pettitte, who made one mistake in the early innings to Jhonny Peralta, and Kyle Farnsworth (yes, that Kyle Farnsworth), and they had timely hitting from Jason Giambi (yes, that Jason Giambi) and Robinson Canò.

Of course, Joba Chamberlain was not going to go his entire career without giving up a run or losing a game at Yankee Stadium, and one might say the sooner he has to deal with adversity, the sooner he can overcome it.

Still, the fact is, Joba had very poor command tonight, as he walked two and nearly walked a third. One might argue that Joe Girardi should have gone to Mariano Rivera to pitch to David Dellucci, but if Rivera wasn't ready yet (and given Joba's general success in the eighth, he was probably in no rush), Joba would have had to pitch to Dellucci anyway.

It is a tough, depressing loss to take for the Yankees and their fans, but they happen. One can only hope that Chien Ming Wang is able to out duel the surprising Cliff Lee tomorrow.

OPTIMIST TAKE: Hideki Matsui had a three hit night and is now on a fifteen game hitting streak. Jason Giambi looked possibly the best he's looked all season, even if he only had one hit, he had quality at bats. Pettitte seems to have recovered from his fifth inning implosions in Cleveland and against Detroit.


  1. OPTIMIST TAKE: Kyle Farnsworth steppin' up!

  2. Blame it on the bugs and torre?

  3. There were definitely a lot of good things happening last night. Pettitte was rock solid, Farns has settled down, and Veras is showing promise. Not to mention Kennedy's stellar performance in AAA.