Friday, May 2, 2008

Sink Their Ship (Postgame Notes 2 May 2008)

Apologies for this being late--the end of the Celtics-Hawks game was, shall we say, entertaining.


Tonight, Chien Ming Wang again showed the Yankees and their fans why he is their number one starter, pitching brilliantly through six innings, allowing just one run, which was gotten on a single, two stolen bases and a ground out.

The Yankees did something they haven't done much of this season, taking advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves in the first and second, to take a 3-0 lead. They would not get another hit until the eighth as Erik Bèdard seemed to get better as the game went on, but they eventually won 5-1.

Wang gave fans a scare in the fifth when a cramp in his hand caused Joe Girardi and the team trainer to run out to the mound, but it appears that is all it was.

On the offensive end, Melky Cabrera and Hideki Matsui again came up in clutch situations in the first and second, and Morgan Ensberg and Jose Molina provided for insurance in the eighth.

The bullpen had a strong showing, allowing just one hit over three innings, and Mariano Rivera looks like he is on to having the season of his life.

OPTIMIST TAKE: Yankees scored five runs for the first time in a long time. Wang is now 6-0. The bullpen's effort was stellar, Kyle Farnsworth looked the best he has looked all year--he entered to boos and left with a rousing ovation at the end of the seventh. Believe it or not, Mike Mussina will go for his third win in a row tomorrow.

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  1. Since Wang's slowest pitch was the same speed as Moose's fastball, I hope he uses his strength in varying speeds tomorrow and keeps Seattle on their toes (felt like my pronouns were all over the place in that sentence).