Monday, May 19, 2008

Subway Slumpin' (Pictures from this Weekend)

So I had tickets to both Friday's rain out and yesterday's drubbing.

While it was fairly depressing, I did manage to a) meet Pete Abraham and meet with jscape2000, and b) take lots of pictures, and by now I think you all know I like sharing them. So here are some more.

Friday I went with my brother, my dad and my cousin, who got tickets to one of the box seats from his supplier. The view from the seats, when we got there:

The inside of the box. Usually, at game time, there can be 20-40 people in the box. However, given the rain on Friday, it was just the four of us for about an hour before they called the game (eventually 2 others joined us, but only for about 10 minutes). The best part? Free food and private bathroom!

Oh, and they give you nets to catch the foul balls as well. That's my brother.

Sunday, now. This time it was just myself and my brother. Walking to the Stadium I grabbed a picture of the new Stadium. The pictures don't really do it justice--it looks magnificent.

Wall mural.

Our seats on Sunday weren't quite as nice--loge level, last row back--but we were covered, and didn't have to wait behind a long line to leave at the end of the game. And yes, that is the new Stadium in the background.

The countdown board.

The broadcast booth. Couldn't really get a great picture because of the angle, but that's okay--not like you wanted hi-def pictures of John Miller and Joe Morgan, anyway.

Monument Park.

The New Stadium, taunting you.

The umpires. One of them botched the home run call but I don't know which.

Taking the field.

Wanger. Definitely not his best start of the season, though he tried to save the bullpen by pitching into the 8th inning. Unfortunately, the bullpen basically damned itself.

Right before the second pitch. I would have gotten the first, but there was an asshole standing in the way.

Giambi made a couple of nice plays...and then one really, really, really boneheaded one.

Robbie made a lot more nice plays.

Jeter batting. He didn't have a bad game--hit and walk and scored on Matsui's homer, but alas, it was not enough.

Matsui. This was not his home run at bat, though that would have been kind of funny, timing-wise.

Robinson Cano action shot

More game action. This might have been right before the Matsui home run; I can't remember.

...Yep, right before the Matsui home run.

Right after the Matsui home run. I was screaming a bit, which is why it's blurry. Of course, as you now know, the Yankees are now incapable of scoring more than two runs in a game.

This is a little less blurry.

Robbie on base. (...What? I like Robbie!)

My brother was very amused by the slippery when wet sign.

Molina on third; Abreu and Jeter each had a chance to drive him in. They didn't.

My brother tried the rally cap thing. It didn't work.


  1. jealous. i remember the first few times ever going to a yankee game and wondering how we could get seats where the people with the fishing nets sat. my dad told me "you have to know someone". guess he was right.

    did you tell your brother that the yankees are bon jovi fans?

  2. Nice photos, Rebecca. I read that you were going to be at the game last night and for a moment I thought I saw you outside the players’ gate. But I’m better at recognizing ballplayers than I am bloggers.

  3. Todd--I wasn't near the player's gate last night. At least, I don't think I was...

  4. Rebecca - nice pictures. Sorry that the outcome wasn't better!

  5. Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm trying to go to my first games (ever! since i discovered baseball late and live in asia) in June. Probably too soon to be figuring out who will be pitching but am definitely hoping for better outcomes.

    If it's of any interest to you, my first exposure to baseball was the Aaron Boone HR game in Oct 2003. I was channel surfing and never bothered with baseball before. That game blew me away and i've been a NYY fan ever since. Naturally, I read Pete Abraham's blogs and most of the comments and enjoy your optimism.