Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yanks heed Hank (Postgame Notes 13 May 2008)

Someone ought to offer Hank Steinbrenner a motivational speaking contract.

Every week now, it seems, on the day before a Mike Mussina start, Hank berates the team for a lack of ______ (pitching/offense/effort/spirit/clean and pressed uniforms), and every evening, Mussina surprises the fans with a near gem of a pitching performance, getting just enough run support to pull it off.

Only now that Mike Mussina has won five straight starts, Yankees fans might consider no longer being surprised when he pitches well, but instead start thinking about how lucky they are that it is this year Mussina has chosen to have a comeback player-like performance.

Tonight was easily one of Mussina's best performances of the season, and one has to think that if the Yankees had scored more than two runs, Mussina would have been left in a little longer instead of pulled in the bottom of the seventh after the lead off runner reached base. With a performance like tonight, Mussina seems to have fast become the Yankees' stopper, giving the Yankees far more out of the #2 spot than they likely hoped to have gotten.

Also, superb infield defense didn't hurt, either.

On the offensive side of things, tonight was hardly a coming out party for the bats, but they were able to do just enough to eke out the win, scoring as many runs tonight as they have in the past two games combined (which isn't saying much).

OPTIMIST TAKE: Robinson Canò was 4-4, perhaps a sign that he's breaking out of his April slump. Joba was Joba, and Mariano Rivera was vintage after the poor outing last night.


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