Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pregame Notes 06 May 2008

Well, it's only been one day without Yankees baseball, but it feels like a lot more than that.

Anyway, the Yankees open up the final series of their "welcome home after a three week road trip" home stand tonight, and Andy Pettitte will take the mound against Fausto Carmona of the Cleveland Indians.

The last time these two pitchers met, Pettitte out-pitched Carmona through seven, but ultimately the effort came undone, and if you're any sort of Yankee fan, I need not remind you how.

In his most recent two starts, Pettitte pitched well through the first four and came unglued in the fifth. If it happens again tonight, expect to see some questions as to his durability.

Coming off of a sweep of Seattle, the Yankees bats have been (mostly) hot; whether or not the offense has truly turned a corner has yet to be determined, and the Yankees will know more at the end of this series.


On a personal note: I've now completed all the coursework necessary for my BA, including the defense of my thesis (woo-hoo!)

As you might imagine, with graduation on Saturday (well, Sunday too, only I'm skipping because ceremonies that start at 9 AM on a Sunday totally don't do it for me), my posting will be a bit spotty this weekend. Brent Nycz has agreed to do gamers for Friday and Saturday, so you will get to see some more of his fine work.

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  1. On Sunday Andy said he wants the team to give him run support. They have in his last two starts; he has blown the lead. He can't keep doing that.

    Rebecca - Congratulations and enjoy your graduation weekend.