Thursday, May 1, 2008

Swept (Postgame Notes 1 May 2008)

I only caught the bottom of the ninth inning tonight, but it seemed to play out like the rest of the game--it got off to a decent start, and then stagnated, before imploding with a whimper.

OPTIMIST TAKE: Bobby Abreu had a three-run home run in the first. I'm sure there's more to be optimistic about, but like I said, I only caught the bottom of the ninth.


My actual evening, however, was more entertaining. I had tickets to the Syracuse-Pawtucket game; because the weather was awful, cold and raining, there were not many people that made it out to see the game.

I somehow am now in possession of a foul ball. I don't know how I got it, but somehow a ball hit the back of my leg while I was walking, and, well, it's got a nice scuff to it. The ball, not my leg, though my leg will probably have a small bruise tomorrow.

One of the best parts of minor league games that no one goes to is that no one sits out by the bullpen, so in the late innings, you can wander down there, and the security guy might stare at you a little bit (especially if your friend has beer), but he will generally leave you alone.

There were about four of us out by the Syracuse bullpen--Dan and myself, and two other guys we did not know--and, despite the cold, rainy evening, it was fun watching the pitchers warm up, hearing their conversation (though it was too cold for there to be much of a conversation) and even interacting with them.

I guess you can say I am easily amused.


  1. Rebecca - you didn't miss much even though you only saw the bottom of the 9th. Same old script - the Yankees take the lead, Kennedy implodes and blows the lead, can't make adjustments and leaves after 4 2/3 innings, and the Yanks leave a lot of runners in RISP.

    I hope they start a new story tomorrow. Could with Wang pitching although they still need to score some runs for him.

  2. At least you had fun when everyone else watching the game was calling for some certain Yankee players' heads.

  3. On a side note, I get really ticked off at the Yankee fans at the stadium booing their own team. I don't think you're helping a struggling young pitcher by booing him. Save it for the other team. Unfortunately, that's New York sports for you.