Monday, May 19, 2008

Met With Loss

Another day, another loss. It seems the Yankees are doing little else right now, and in the Subway Series, against a Mets team with its own large share of problems, it hurts just a little more.

Andy Pettitte was not horrible. In fact, by the standard definition of quality start--three runs or less in six innings pitched--that is exactly what Pettitte did. However, as he seems to have done in each of his last five starts now, Pettitte struggled in the fourth inning, giving up three runs and leaving the bases loaded.

Kyle Farnsworth, who had been excellent thus far, picked a bad day to have a bad outing. Every pitcher will have a bad outing, though one might argue that he, and not Pettitte, should have gotten the loss for the game.

On the offensive side of things, the Yankees had a better game than any of their previous four, but it was still not enough to get the job done. The ninth inning seemed to be a microcosm of the offensive struggles for the season, with the Yankees bringing the tying run to the plate three times in the inning and being unable to score a single run. Billy Wagner is a good pitcher, but the Yankees should have been able to get to him there.

OPTIMIST TAKE: The Yankees had three home runs from Derek Jeter, Bobby Abreu and Jason Giambi. Giambi still has more home runs than singles. Edwar Ramirez had a solid outing. Andy Pettitte seemed to have recovered from the fourth, though he threw too many pitches to remain in after the sixth.

I have tickets for tomorrow evening's game, so if you're going, I'm loge level, section 17, row F. Stop by and say hi!

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