Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yay, .500... again. (Guest Post, Postgame Notes 10 May 2008)

Brent here again. Becca graduated from Syracuse today, and I moved back home from Fordham (which is why the post is this late).

Now, about the game, I had the "privilege" to watch the game today on FOX, and I have to say, it was one of the most painful viewing experiences of my life. I have no idea who FOX had to announce the game, but watching and listening to them was worse than the homerism of the Chicago White Sox announcers. Yes, it was that bad. From their fumbling of the players' names to not being able to handle the speed of the game, today's game actually made me miss Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

In fact, Dick Stockton said at one point in the first inning: "You don't want to go out here and have to always outscore the other team". I think that says it all.

The Yankees got on the board early with Derek Jeter's solo shot, which was actually called by the announcers who spent 5 minutes talking about Jeter's home-run-less streak. Though Robinson Cano grounded into a double play (after the bases were loaded and up 2), the Yankees were able to get at Jeremy Bonderman and knock him out of the game by the 5th inning.

Darrell Rasner pitched brilliantly today: 6 innings, 4 hits and 2 earned runs against the supposedly #1 most dangerous line-up in baseball. He is supposed to pitch like a 5th starter, but he's putting up 2nd/3rd starter numbers. Can't ask for anything more.

Great game to win and a great game to watch... except with the announcers. Wilson Betemit apparently pulled something after his double in the 4th inning and is now on the DL, even though Joe Girardi said the injury wasn't that serious.

Andy Pettitte will go against Nate Robertson for the rubber match of the 3-game series.

OPTIMIST TAKE: If Shelley Duncan can't become a star on the Yankees, he showed before the start of the game that he has the potential to become a ring announcer. He had me rolling on the ground with his line-up announcing: remarking on Jeter's dancing skills and giving Rasner a new nick-name: Razz-a-tastic. Kyle Farnsworth got out of a jam... he created with a very strong showing. Joba and Mariano were supreme and Mariano still hasn't given up a run.

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  1. Darryl Rasner has been good so far. Maybe he'll be this years "Aaron Small".