Monday, May 12, 2008

Greetings from a University Graduate

It doesn't feel any different, but it is fun to say!

Greetings from a University Graduate!

Now that I have my BA in history in hand I can...go unpack. Yeah, that liberal arts degree, so stimulating.

At least n ow I have time to blog. More later.


  1. Stellar job, Rebecca...
    We all (even on LHs' blog) knew you would do well. I know there are many over there that sent you an E-mail or two. Good job. 27/08.

  2. Congratulations Rebecca! What are you going to do with all of your spare time?!

  3. Fran: Isn't it obvious? I have a TON of writing to do =)

    Thanks everyone!

  4. Sweet, your finally done and graduated.

    Now I won't have to read about your stupid classes and dumb tests on every blog you post on... ESPECIALLY LOHUD !

    "Gotta go to class."

    "Gotta study for a test."

    "I have a presentation in class tomorrow."

    Jesus Montero! Enough already. We do not care one bit.

    Love you baseball analysis, but enough already about your personal life.

    For the love of Jesus and all thats good.

    Just trying to be honest with you, not mean...