Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angels Avoid Arbitration with Figgins

The Los Angeles Angels have come to an agreement with Chone Figgins, meaning that a) they avoid arbitration, b) the Yankees can't have him, and c) the Angels will continue to wreak havoc on the basepaths whenever they get on base.

Figgins would have been a nice addition to the Yankees' bench, with his ability to play the infield and his speed on the basepath, but his name was not mentioned as a serious possibility for the Yankees in most circles.

Figgins is an excellent fit for the Angels and their style of baseball, and Yankees fans can at least take heart in knowing that he will not be headed to a rival AL East team.


  1. I would have loved to see him on the Yankees

  2. Agree - Figgins would have been a great asset to the Yankees bench because he can back up so many positions.

  3. With the oversupply of corner infielders and outfielders, it would have been really hard for figgins to fit in the yankee system.

    i was hoping they would package swisher and matsui for a veteran 5th starter or a reliable long reliever and prospects, then sign figgins to spell any position in the yankee lineup for versatility while adding athleticism and speed.

    he really would've been a great pickup if they could have swung that.

  4. Figgins has always been a guy I wanted for the Yankees