Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yogi was Right

You can observe a lot by watching.

Like, the sign on the subway car--where next to the 'please', someone grafitti'd the word pray.

Like the girls from South Jersey that hop onto the subway without knowing what the 'express' train means or how to get to Rockefeller Center.

Like Central Park South between 5th and 8th, where the tall, impeccably dressed Europeans make you feel that much worse about yourself because your jeans are six years old, your shirt is from Old Navy and you winter hat is not, in fact, made out of organic fiber.

Like the tourists who stop for pictures outside the Apple store--where you're headed because you have to buy a program.

Like the retail help in the Apple Store that doesn't even make you lift a finger.

Like the cars driving along Central Park South--Lincolns, BMWs, Lexi, limousines, and nothing cheaper than a brand-spanking new Volvo.

Like the group of bus drivers standing on the sidewalk on their break, chatting in thick New York accents--the type of New Yorkers you think of when you think of the bleachers and the upper decks.

Like the kind man on the bicycle that stops in the middle of the afternoon rush hour traffic to help the woman that slipped on the sidewalk outside of the Time Warner Center.

Like the woman entering the Time Warner Center wearing sneakers, track pants...and a fur coat.

Like the vast number of people at the Borders that manage to find their own nook and cranny to immerse themselves in whatever world of literature they want.

You can observe a lot by watching, so I guess Yogi was onto something.

I love this City.


  1. I hated living in the city when I had to live here--my face always felt dirty, tourists were always in my way (of course, that could be because I was in Chinatown), everything cost so much money and my allergies killed me.

    But all the things you said here--that's what I miss. I try people watching in my town, or when I go upstate (upstate people are weird) or at the various schools where I teach, and it's just not the same.

    You've made me miss living in the city. That's quite the task.

  2. Andrea: Yea, there are some less-than-pleasant experiences here, but it's when you're away from it that you miss it the mothst!

    Larry: thanks man!