Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pettitte Rejects Offer and a Vexing Question

Andy Pettite has officially rejected the Yankees' $10 million offer.

The Yankees probably still want another starter, so it will be interesting to see which avenue they pursue.

However, you can read about that on pretty much every Yankee site in existence, so I won't bore you when I just posted about it a couple days ago.


A more vexing question:

Tonight I went to the New Jersey Nets/Sacramento Kings basketball game--I go to Nets games about once a year; I went more when I was younger.

Anyway, my party (myself, my brother, my boyfriend and my brother's friend) had Row 1 tickets, but they weren't courtside seats--that is, we were behind the wall that demarcates where the hockey rink would be if we were at a hockey game.

So, when people in the courtside seats got up to use the restroom or get a snack, they would walk past us. Being the stalker I am, I was on the lookout for anyone famous, and while I did not spot Jay-Z or Beyonce, I did see something also interesting:

A man, the same man, walked past me twice, on his left hand wearing a 1998 Yankees World Series ring.

He walked past so fast that I could not grab a picture (anyway, it would have been rude to do so), so I am at a loss as to who said person was, if his ring was an actual 1998 series ring (he's got courtside seats...so...that lends me to believe it is) and what the heck is he doing at a Nets game?

I can only offer vague physical details, but:

Said man was bald(ing), wore glasses, medium height (on the tallish side of medium) and looked fairly out of shape--not horribly out of shape, but not in shape, either.

He had a fairly medium skin tone--at least, as far as I could tell.

So, on these details alone, who did I see?

My guess would be someone on the coaching or front office staff as opposed to a player, but I don't have the 1998 roster memorized and my first guess was off the mark.

So, Yankees' fans, who did I see?


  1. Rebecca, I think I'd need a little more info. First of all, was the man white or colored? Secondly, about how tall was he? Third, did he look like someone who would have played on the 1998 Yankees, or someone who may have been a coach or, say, a trainer? Would you have any estimate of an age range for said person? If you can remember any of these details, it would help me and I'm sure others, out a lot as to trying to narrow it down. Regards...

  2. Mike:

    the lighting in the arena is poor, so I can't give you a very good estimate on his skin color, other than to say that he was not white.

    He was too out of shape to have played recently, and looked about 45-55 years old or so.