Sunday, January 25, 2009

Torre Tell-All Trashes Yanks

According to this article, a tell-all book, ghost-written by Tom Verducci, has Joe Torre revealing a bitter rift with the New York Yankees.

It would have been foolish, of course, to suggest that Torre's entire 1996-2007 tenure with the New York Yankees was without fault on either side, but such a work can only harm Torre's relationship with the team that employed him for twelve years.

My brother linked me to the story, and his opinion on the situation isn't that much different than my own:

...My biggest gripe about it is that it isn't only a rip on the players, but consequently it's a rip on the fans saying like "lol you follow a scummy team." Keep some of that shit in the clubhouse Joe, you just lost a lot of my respect...and the respect from most New Yorkers who think you are a class act guy. It obviously sounds astounding to have a grudge against someone who helped brought your favorite team ... four World Series...but there was no reason to trash a former team.

A Yankees fan would have to be an idiot not to be grateful for Torre for the four World Series, but at the same time, my brother has a point--a slight on the team like this is also a slight on the fans.

Perhaps more importantly, and more unfortunately, it's a bit harder to go around calling Torre a class act right now.

I don't know about you, but for all of Jeter's faults (ie, his lack of range and tendency to GIDP), I can't see the Captain ever doing something like this...


  1. Define: biting the hand that feeds.

    Without the New York Yankees, Joe Torre is still remembered as an above average player and a below average manager.

  2. Using that logic, without Torre the Yankees would be remembered as a team that didn't win a championship from 1978-1996.

  3. He was never a class act. He blew games to make points on purpose. He threw A-Rod under the bus during the 2006 season. He has always been classless, but he was great at media relations. So the media covered for him.

  4. January 25, 2009 2:04 PM
    Anonymous said...
    Using that logic, without Torre the Yankees would be remembered as a team that didn't win a championship from 1978-1996.
    I disagree, before Joe T. arrived, the team was set-up very well by Cashman and Buck Showalter, they won the 1995 WC. In 1996 they brought in Joe G., Tino, Sierra, Raines, Fielder, Hayes, Sojo, Rogers and don't forget Lloyed. Bringing in those players helped put them over the top.
    Joe T. was (as stated by myself) the right guy at the right time, that's it. He was a failure as a manager (was a TV announcer), the Yanks gave him a chance to win as the manager of the best franchise in baseball (or sports).
    If this story is as portrayed in the news...I am very disappointed with him, to say the least!