Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Randy Levine Subpeonaed

Randy Levine, among others, has been subpeonaed by a New York Assemblyman regarding the use of public funds in the construction of the New Yankee Stadium.

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky issued the subpeonas to determine whether or not public money should be used for the New Stadium, and mayor Michael Bloomberg was quick to criticize the move:

"I guess it makes for good political theater because it's the Yankees, but when it comes to valuable taxpayer dollars, decisions should be made on return, not rhetoric," Bloomberg spokesman Andrew Brent said. "The deal leverages a federal program and will result in New York City getting back more tax revenue than it will cost and the South Bronx getting thousands of new jobs and more than $1 billion in private investment."

Both the Mets and the Yankees have asked for more bonds to help fund their new ballparks, and both have provided a substantial list of reasons.

While this may not seem the greatest use of Brodsky's time, one has to remember that both the city of New York and the state are in dire financial straights (like nearly ever other state in the country right now), so where the city chooses to spend its money is a pretty pressing issue.

That said, one hasn't (yet) seen any subpeonas issued for the Wilpons or other members of the Mets' front office...

As Bloomberg says, it's the Yankees. It will always be good theater.

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