Thursday, January 15, 2009

MLB Passes Two Rule Changes

MLB owners today were to vote on two rule changes

The changes, which according to LoHud have passed, are the following:

1) In the event of a tie between wild card teams in a season, the head-to-head record, instead of the ubiquitous coin toss, will be used to determine who hosts the one game playoff.

2) All playoff games will be played to conclusion, ie, no rain-shortened games.


The first rule is one that should have been enacted ages ago, and the second seems blindingly obvious, but we still needed the 2008 World Series to implement it.

Of course, if two Wild Card teams split the season series (I'm not sure it's possible, but let's say for sake of argument it is), then you may get to see your old friend "the coin toss" again.

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