Thursday, January 29, 2009

You know you've been sports blogging too much when...

[it's 11.27 PM, so as long as I get this done in the next half hour I won't have broken my New Year's resolution!]

You know you've been baseball blogging too much when...

10) You hear "spreadsheet" and think baseball reference

09) Your best friend apologizes for only reading once a month...even though she doesn't watch baseball and hates the Yankees.

08) You hear that George Mitchell has been named US Mideast envoy and begin to think that 'Roid Rage would go a long way to explaining the endemic violence.

07) You look forward to the end of the second week of February not for Valentine's Day but for Spring Training...

06) You feel out of the loop because your phone won't let you mobile update.

05) You have, at any point in time, uttered the sentence "it's on my blog."

04) You have, at any point in time, ever live-blogged and had people follow the post through some or the entirety of the event.

03) You feel slightly bad for the fact that you will be unable to live-blog the Super Bowl because you'll actually be at a Super Bowl Party (what is this life and how do you have one?).

02) You've ever looked at your Technorati ranking.

01) You're so determined to make your New Year's blogging resolution stand that you come up with something like this.


  1. Oh, Rebecca, you had me in stitches. I, too, am addicted to a blog, but it's not mine. At least you have your own!!!!!

    I'm actually thinking about upgrading the capabilities on my cell phone so I can keep up with blog when I'm away from home.

    It's thoroughly pathetic, isn't it?????

    And my daughter Vanessa was talking about Valentine's Day today and I told her, no, pitchers & catchers, honey. That's not good. :)

  2. Hi, I'm Jason, a Yankees blogger and I am a blog addict. --[from the group sitting in a circle] "Hi, Jason.

    At least three of those criteria apply to me Rebecca, and probably a few more identifying me as a problem blogger.

    Doreen, I too have more than once associated Valentine's Day with pitchers and catchers. But as long as loved ones aren't forgotten, all is well I believe. Plus, for us baseball fans, pitchers and catchers reporting is like our own Valentine's gift.

  3. Haha, good stuff Rebecca. It's safe to say that numbers 10 (isn't baseball-reference the best thing...ever??), 7, 5, and 2 apply to me as well.

    One day our obsession is going to pay off, I just know it.