Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reports: Mets Sign Garcia, Ricketts to buy Cubs

According to this report, the NY Mets have signed or will sign Freddy Garcia to a minor league deal.

Garcia had been considering the Yankees as well; had he signed, it would have likely forced Andy Pettitte out.

The closer it gets to Spring Training, the more it seems like Pettitte really is the only option the Yankees want to consider, though Pettitte apparently wants more money and the Yankees aren't biting.


In other news, the Ricketts family has won the bidding war to buy the Chicago Cubs.

Perhaps new ownership will spur the Cubs on to...

Eh, who am I kidding--these are the Cubs!

Just joking.

Good luck to the Ricketts family--and remember, leave the baseball to the baseball people!

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  1. I think Garcia would have been a nice pickup as a 5th starter for the Yanks, but he's right, I think Pettitte will be back so there would have been no spot for him in the Yankee rotation.