Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Joba and Lester Dish at Sacred Heart

Tonight I went with Andrea and her friend Jared to see Joba Chamberlain and Jon Lester do a Q+A moderated by Andrew Marchand at Sacred Heart University in Farfield, CT.

The event got off to a somewhat inauspicious start when they kept replaying country music on a loop, but the place--the William Pitt Center--was absolutely packed, and there seemed to be a majority of Yankee fans--not all of whom may have been entirely sober, mind.

Joba and Lester answered a wide array of questions, which ranged from the locker rooms, to the "welcome to the Big Leagues, kid" moment to questions about things off the field, such as Joe Torre's book, Lester's cancer and Joba's DUI.

Joba commended Lester for his conquering cancer, and, like the 12-year-old boy who asked the question, was fascinated to hear Lester talk about his no-hitter.

As concerns the DUI, Joba stated that he could either be a man and face it or run from it, and that he's chosen to face it.

The entire thing lasted maybe an hour and a half, which is good, because the bleachers were fairly uncomfortable.

Anyway, I have pictures, but my camera battery died, so they will have to wait a day or two.


  1. Ah, to be young and unfettered! Glad you got to go to this Rebecca, and thanks for the recap.

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