Friday, April 24, 2009

Lack of Bullpen Burns Yankees (Postgame Notes 24 April 2009)

Losses against the Red Sox always hurt.

Losses when you're one out away from a win and Mariano Rivera's on the mound? They can make you want to crawl under the covers and never, ever come out.

The Yankees played with fire all game, and, as is usually the case, they got burned.

In hindsight, the game should have never been as close as it was. Joba did not pitch that well, but lucked out with double play after double play. There were four in five innings at one point. Without the help of the pitcher's best friend, the game would have been over long before the ninth inning.

Rail all you want on Joe Girardi, but this loss is not his fault.

Girardi was not out there when the Yankees failed to break the game open, as they had the chance to do many times.

Girardi did not serve up the two run home run to Jason Bay, nor did he serve up the home run to Kevin Youkilis.

The biggest question that looms right now is: what's going on with Brian Bruney?

Had he been available to pitch the 8th, Mo would have likely only pitched the ninth, yadda yadda.

Word is, from Brian Hoch and Suzyn Waldman, that Bruney is in NY for an MRI on his elbow, but there has been no public announcement about this which has to start turning heads.

In the end though, what matters is not that the Yankees blew the save tonight--stuff happens--but how they rebound tomorrow. An afternoon game and short turnaround may be exactly what they need.