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Yankees at Royals, 12 April 2008, A Liveblog

1.04 PM: Teixeira scratched from line up again, and spotted with wrist brace. This is, no doubt, the moment you say, "thank G-d the Yankees traded for Swisher".

1.05 PM: Thus far in the season, Toronto has scored 42 runs. The Royals have scored 8.

1.05 PM: Today's lineup, courtesy LoHud:

Gardner CF
Jeter SS
Swisher 1B
Matsui DH
Nady RF
Cano 2B
Cabrera LF
Ransom 3B
Molina C

It's not an offensive juggernaut, but with rain in the forecast, it could just as well be likely Girardi taking a good opportunity to give Damon some rest...and Posada would have likely not started this game, anyway.

2.15 PM: Brett Gardner says, bad hitter? Who? Me?

2.27 PM: That gritty, gutty Brett Gardner (tm, LoHud) stole second, went to third on a ground out and went home-standing up-on a wild pitch that wasn't really all that wild. At the end of a half, Yankees up 1-0.

2.33 PM: Joba's first inning: K, slow grounder and deep fly. He's working exceptionally quickly, at least through the first, which is a good sign that he's comfortable.

2.38 PM: When's the last time Canó took six straight pitches? It was for naught, though, as he strikes out, Melky pops out and Ransom strikes out. Ransom looks awful at the plate and the debate about whether or not to start Ramiro Peña cannot be too far away.

2.45 PM: Joba looks great as he has another easy inning. Starting to drizzle in KC, but with any luck the heavy stuff will hold off.

2.56 PM: Joba hangs a slider to John Buck. May be overthrowing through the rain. 1-1.

2.59 PM: After a triple for Coco Crisp, Joba gets out of the inning limiting the damage to one run. Still, it all may be for naught if the rain keeps coming down.

3.05 PM: Yankee offense does nothing, again. They have been retired now ten in a row and the rain is coming down even harder.

3.22 PM: A ground ball that should have been fielded slips through on the wet basebath and instead of getting Joba out of a major jam the Royals now lead 2-1.

3.27 PM: Base hit and now the Royals up 3-1. Likelihood the game is called after five innings has increased exponentially.

3.36 PM: A lead off single from Canó is wasted as Melky GIDPs. I know there are a lot of Melky defenders out there but I am finding it harder and harder to do.

3.50 PM: A Molina lead off single is wasted by a Gardner GIDP although Gardner was safe on the replay. Sometimes you get the games where it's just not your game, and this seems to be it. The Yankees do have Damon and Posada sitting on the bench, however...

3.56 PM: It might not seem like it, but technically Joba's had a quality start, which are usually defined as six innings with six or fewer runs...

Would be nice to perhaps see Damon pinch hit for Melky next time through the line up or some such. Two runs in three innings is doable...even if the Yankees aren't playing like it.

4.02 PM: After two singles from Swisher and Matsui, Xavier Nady rips a double down the left field line. 3-2 Royals...would likely be 3-3 had a faster runner been on third, but you take what you can get. Two RISP and 0 out.

4.02 PM: Right on cue, Canó sneaks one through and this game is tied.

4.03 PM: And this play is scored an E while the Swisher miscue was a hit. Hometown scoring at it's finest.

4.04 PM: Melky GIDPs, but makes it productive as Nady comes into score and Yankees take the lead, 4-3.

4.18 PM: Brian Bruney works a very efficient seventh inning and the Yankees head to the eighth with the top of the line up due up--and hopefully a chance to get Marte/Coke/Mo more than a one run lead.

4.33 PM: Scoring change on the Callaspo through Swisher and Canó play from a hit to an error means that instead of 3 ER Joba only gave up 1 ER on the home run from Buck.

4.44 PM: Damaso Marte gets two quick outs but Veras and Coke blow the lead. Now Royals lead 5-4.

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