Friday, April 10, 2009

Yankees at Royals, 10 April 2009, a Liveblog

2.58 PM: Afternoon start today...I think the Yankees have something like two evening games total in the first few weeks of the season, but that's the wonderful thing about April baseball. When it's too cold to play evening games, you still get the old-timey baseball feel.

3.00 PM: Today's Yankees' lineup:

Derek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Hideki Matsui DH
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Cody Ransom 3B
Brett Gardner CF

I've heard the idea that Canó should bat third and Teixeira clean up, but I think Teixeira has stated he would not do well in that role.

3.28 PM: Can't believe I'm reading that some want to trade Wang. He's won 19 games in back to back seasons and likely would have done so again last year had he not been injured. I understand concern about recovery from injury but unless you were getting a pitcher like Sabathia or a hitter like Teixeira/A-rod...all of which we'd be overpaying...

4.13 PM: Looks like it's absolutely freezing in Kansas City. At least it's not raining...

4.16 PM: Think the screen in Yankee Stadium is big?

Courtesy LoHud.

4.26 PM: Flash and Coney in the booth today. Should be a lot of fun to listen to. Kaufman Stadium looks like they spent $250 million on renovations, but at the same time, I miss the fountains.

4.37 PM: More saxophonists need to play the National Anthem. That was amazing.

4.45 PM: All this hoopla about Jeter against Ponson and he hits a weak grounder, but Damon lines a single to left.

4.49 PM: You young baseball and softball players out there: watch what Teixeira did there, stopping in between first and second to break up the double play. It's compounded by a bad choice by KC, not trying to tag Teixeira, so, they didn't nab the lead runner.

4.50 PM: Now the trainer's out to check on Ponson.

4.52 PM: Jorge makes solid contact and singles to right, scoring two...which is, if you're KC, the reason you go after the lead runner. Yanks up, 2-0.

4.57 PM: After (yet) a(nother) single by Canó, Swisher flies out to center. Sidney Ponson is looking very much like...Sidney Ponson. Now the attention turns to Andy. Yanks up 2-0.

5.00 PM: Robbie Canó illustrates why, yes, defense matters...

5.03 PM: Very strong first inning from Andy. He may have overthrown a couple pitches, but he got three outs which is all that matters.

5.11 PM: Quiet inning for Yankee offense, going down 1-2-3. Jeter doesn't look like he's owned Ponson in the past. Still 2-0 Yankees.

5.19 PM: Once again, defense matters. Swisher misplays a fly ball, perhaps miscommunicating with Canó, and then an errant throw home, and the score is now 2-1 Yankees. The Royals have been given a hit, but it should be an error.

5.29 PM: Another quiet inning for Yankee offense. It's almost as if they've said, hey, two runs is any rate, they seem to have forgotten the pitcher they're facing is Sidney Ponson. Then again, Sir Sidney did have some good starts for the Yankees last year, so make of it what you will.

5.40 PM: Nick Swisher taketh, and giveth away. Redemption is a wonderful , no? Anyway, nice hit for Canó, Yankees, get the run back, and now the real only harm done is that Pettitte still has an ERA.

5.47 PM: You can tell Ransom's been in the minors a while. Bad baserunning there. Still, sacrifice bunt and a grounder from Jeter, and the Yankees now lead 4-1.

5.54 PM: Another quick and easy inning for Andy Pettitte. He has looked very strong thus far.

5.56 PM: Note to self: Teixeira can do many things. Run the bases fast is not one of them.

6.03 PM: Canó has now walked four times this year. I'm not sure I want to know when he got his fourth walk last year...

6.06 PM: Lead off double is wasted, though you do have to wonder if a couple of the called strike threes on Matsui and Posada were actually strikes. Also, one has to consider if Matsui is really the best fit in the clean up spot right now. I wouldn't put Teixeira there, I like him as the three hitter, but even Swisher or Posada, seem like a better option.

6.14 PM: Royals copoy the Yanks and waste a lead-off double from Billy Butler.

6.19 PM: Jeter looks pretty awful today. Still he did get the one RBI for the one insurance run, so it can't be all bad. I'm not actually sure Ponson beat Gardner on that play. Kid can fly.

6.24 PM: According to ESPN, Anthony Thomas Gallo, the 22-year-old driver who ran a red light in the crash that killed Nick Adenhart now faces murder charges and 55 years to life behind bars.

6.33 PM: Pettitte has without question looked the best of all the Yankee starters thus far.

6.38 PM: Only the Yankees can make Kyle Farnsworth look like Cy Young. Yanks still lead 4-1 as game moves into later innings.

6.47 PM: Through seven innings, Andy Pettitte has pitched three hit baseball. If the Yankees get this from their four starter all season, the team will be in decent shape all year long.

6.56 PM: Yankee strikeouts have made five of the last seven outs on offense. Canó, at least, decided not to do that.

7.03 PM: Minus the first game, the Yankees' bullpen has looked great so far.

7.06 PM: Yankee batters have struck out 9 times since the fifth inning. That can't be good.

7.10 PM: Gardner beats it out for an infield hit and then promptly gets picked off. At least now Jeter can't GIDP.

7.22 PM: Best Mariano related comment I read all day: "Can Mo play on Sunday? What time does he ascend into heaven?"

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