Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yankees at Red Sox, 25 April 2009: A Liveblog

1.12 PM: I wish I could suspend time so that I could capture today's weather and never let it go. Most of the time I love city living, but today the no porch, no yard haunts me.

1.13 PM: Lots of injury news. The biggest is perhaps that Brian Bruney is now on the DL (coutesy of LoHud, and that Mark Melancon has been called up. he's supposed to be the heir to Rivera, and has pitched in AAA like it, but this isn't quite how the Yankees planned it.

1.21 PM: From LoHud (link above): "No word yet on the severity of Bruney’s injury. … Meanwhile A.J. is readying for his start by watching the movie 300. He has a Spartan warrior tat on his left arm."

I like this Burnett guy more and more.

1.39 PM: I could say that the Nationals are a bad team, but that wouldn't quite cover it.

2.20 PM: Cody Ransom is on the 60 Day DL. Those of you who wanted him gone, you got your wish. Now we get to see what Angel Berroa and Ramiro Peña can do. For another week. A-Rod, O A-Rod, where art thou A-Rod?

2.21 PM: You know, I would probably fit in perfectly with the Nats: no hit, no field...

2.30 PM: Humberto Sanchez has been DFA'd. That Sheffield trade's worked so well for both teams, hasn't it?

2.52 PM: Via LoHud: Bruney's injury is muscular, not ligament-related. That is, believe it or not, good news.

3.36 PM: Check out New Stadium Insider for a plea to save part of the old stadium.

3.53 PM: Melancon--that's Meh-lan-son for the uninitiated--has taken number 39. I called it, but alas left no record of it so I can claim no prize.

4.10 PM: Wonder if FOX will have Swisher reading the line up again...I have the NFL Draftcast up on my computer, since I only have one TV...

4.15 PM: One out single for Johnny Damon. Teixeira boos much more noticeable today.

4.22 PM: Nick Swisher is the MAN, with a one-out RBI single to bring home Johnny Damon and the Yankees now lead 1-0.

4.28 PM: Jorge Posada has a two-out RBI single, and the Yankees now lead 2-0.

4.37 PM: I would pay really good money for Tim McCarver to stop fawning over the Red Sox.

4.38 PM: It's too early in the season to call anyone done, but David Ortiz continues to look awful. Meanwhile the GIDP means at the end of one the Yankees are still up 1-0.

4.45 PM: Jets traded up and got Mark Sanchez. Even if the Yankees did nothing that inning I have this gigantic smile on my face. I knew there was a reason I wore green today!

4.57 PM: Still getting distracted by the draft, but AJ works around a walk and the Yankees are up 2-0 at the end of two.

5.03 PM: Robinson Canó hits a one out two run jack that hits the Pesky Pole. 4-0 Yankees.

5.10 PM: Gardner is simply over matched by Beckett. Still, 4-0 Yankees.

5.20 PM: Burnett has a blink-and-you-miss it bottom of the inning.

5.28 PM: Robbie Canó is an RBI machine, with runs batted in three and four on the day off of the Monster. 6-0 Yanks.

5.43 PM: AJ in some serious trouble. Bases loaded, one run in, only one out.

5.47 PM: And just like that, we're back to a one run game. Hard to believe it's only the fourth inning. Robbie Canó is probably standing there, shaking his head, saying, how many more RBI do I have to give you?

5.49 PM: We go to the fifth, 6-5 Yankees and the Yankees have the bottom of the order due up...

5.59 PM: And now the game is tied. Burnett seems to have just run out of gas. unfortunately, the Yankees don't have a whole lot of options in the pen. This has turned into a disaster in a hurry.

6.11 PM: Jason Bay: Yankee killer.

6.21 PM: As much as I hate Jason Bay, that's how much I love Johnny Damon.

6.32 PM: So, in the middle of the sixth inning, the pitcher's duel of doom is tied at 8-8. Just another Saturday baseball game at Fenway.

6.50 PM: 9-8 Sox on a sac fly by David Ortiz. It sucks, sure, but it could have been a hell of a lot worse. Unfortunately, the Boston bullpen has been stellar and one run for the Sox may be enough.

7.07 PM: Huge spot with 2nd and 3rd and one out and Jeter does the one thing he can't do and strikes out. I am looking everywhere for something to throw through a wall but I can't find anything.

7.11 PM: With a two strike count, Johnny Damon sneaks one under the glove of Dustin Pedroia (it's an E) and the Yankees take a 10-9 lead.

7.22 PM: I am tempted to find something else to watch for another half hour and then come back to this game. At this point, I'm not even angry any more.

7.53 PM: That may be the most horrendously botched call I've seen this season. Pedroia was out by a mile. I think I'm cursed.