Friday, April 3, 2009

Things I'm Looking for in the New Stadium

Tonight I will be making my way to the new Yankee Stadium, weather permitting, of course.

While I'll the beginning ceremonies, I should still get there with plenty of time to go exploring. Here are the things I will be looking at/for:

1) That screen in the outfield. I heard that it's pretty darn big. I want to see just how big.

2) The food options in the lower and upper concourses. As someone with a digestive condition, I can't eat most stadium or arena food, so usually I survive on a pack of Swedish fish or a lollipop or two from home. However, the new Stadium is supposed to be full of all sorts of food options so, hopefully, there will be something there I can ingest!

3) The bathrooms. Women's restrooms are supposed to be at a 2:1 ratio to those of men; I want to see what the bathrooms are like. I'm not expecting anything spectacular, of course, a stadium bathroom is a stadium bathroom, but even something moderately clean will meet with my not-so-strict approval.

4) The other attractions on the concourse. What is there to do during a rain delay? How easy is it to navigate the concourse?

5) The seats in the upper deck (ie, the seats I have). How far recessed are they? I actually never sat any higher than loge level in the old Stadium, but I expect that the upper deck and I will become fast friends at the new Stadium. So, are my tickets really worth the $40 I paid for each?

I will take as many pictures as I can and I'll try to post them tonight, but I'm staying with a friend tonight and may not get a chance to post them until tomorrow evening.

Here's hoping the rain holds off.


  1. Rebecca, from my experience there yesterday I'll say you'll get a positive answer to all the questions you asked:

    1) The screen is huge. I moved around to all the sections of the stadium and the screen still feels like its right on top of you.

    2) There is plenty of food. The bleacher foodcourt and the upper deck concourse seems to be a little repetitive (hotdog, fries, pizza, etc) but if you go down to the field level concourse, you'll be blown away by your choices (garlic fries, barbeque, cold cut sandwiches, etc). Enjoy.

    3) Well I was only allowed in the Men's room, but it was nice and clean. They even incorporated dividers between the urinals!!!! That's a big plus for me.

    4) I didn't notice a lot of extra's to enjoy during rain delsy, but the concourses are wider so at least you'll be comfortable. There is a Yankee museum near the upperdeck, but I'm guessing that will get full very quickly in a delay.

  2. looking forward to checking out the food options (though i'll probably get something before i get to the stadium)

    i'm kind of excited just to see the lighting at night, both inside and out.

    i'll probably check out the seats i'll have in may too, just for the hell of it.

  3. I'm really worried about the recessed-ness of the upper deck, but I guess I'll find out in May when I check it out. The steepness (and therefore closeness) of the old one was probably my favorite thing that didn't carry over at all, so if the recessitude is within reason, I guess I can deal.