Thursday, April 9, 2009

They Won't Go 0-162

Sorry, ledge-jumpers, but the Yankees will not go 0-162 in 2009.

The Yankees won their game today, and they did so in style: good pitching, good defense, solid hitting and old-fashioned Bronx Bombs.

Today was a day for the newcomers; AJ Burnett became the first Yankee starter this season to record a strikeout (he had six of them), Mark Teixeira had his first Yankee home run, and Nick Swisher had five RBI. Ramiro Peña, in his first major league at bat, had a single and later came around to score on a Robbie Canó hit.

Some of the more familiar faces had decent games, as well--Canó had three hits including a two-run home run and four RBI, and Mariano Rivera made his first, efficient appearance of the season.

Go figure tidbit from LoHud: Jeter and Damon got on base 11 times in the first two games and the Yankees lost twice. They were 0 for 9 today and the Yankees score 11 runs.

If you're watching the postgame, or if you watched it, you could hear Nick Swisher blasting the music...he should be starting. Really. Really.

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