Monday, April 6, 2009

Yankees show Some Fight; Not Enough to Overcome Poor Pitching (Postgame 6 April 2009)

It was an inauspicious beginning for a team whose strength this year is supposed to be their re-vamped pitching staff and new slugging first baseman.

CC Sabathia did not make it out of the fifth inning, surrendering six runs and not striking out a single batter, and Mark Teixeira had an o-fer at the plate.

Although, in the long run, all that matters from this game is the "L" result, one should not ignore that the Yankees did show some heart-heart that came from two long-missed old timers in Matsui and Posada.

If you think the Yankees haven't missed Hideki Matsui and Jorge Posada, just think about where the team would have been without them at the plate today.

Still, the thing everyone will take from this game, is that the Yankees' pitching, which was supposed to be stellar, pitched as though someone forgot to tell them Opening Day games actually count. It's so early in the season, however, that to consider it anything other than a fluke at this point would be a gross mishap. Should the Yankees pitch like this for the next two weeks, well, yes, then there's an issue.

Before you crawl out on the ledge, however, remember this: the Yankees got swept in their very first series in 1998, and then went on to win 114 games.

Will the Yankees win 114 games in 2009? Probably not, but it just goes to show, a heck of a lot can and will happen between Opening Day and September 30...

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  1. It's just one game,hopefully our off day helps,then Wang goes on Wednesday and Burnett on Thursday,Wang goes against some dude as does Burnett.