Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yankees at Orioles, 9 April 2009: A Liveblog

10.33 AM: Things you learn at a Passover Seder: Abe Alvarez, an actor who has appeared on multiple episodes of Law and Order tells this story:

When Reggie Jackson was a guest star, once, he had trouble learning his lines, so he asked Abe, a die-hard Yankees fan to help him. He said, "Abe, I really need help. If you help me, what can I get you?".

Abe said, "Opening day tickets."

Reggie responds, "All right, if I become a Yankee I'll get you season tickets!"

Reggie never came through.

10.37 AM: Nady, Posada and Matsui sitting today. While Posada and Matsui certainly need time off, at least as the season starts, and Swisher needs some playing time, the line up today does seem a bit short, and after the last two games, Burnett has a lot of pitching to do.

10.49 AM: Fans are already panicking. I wish I could tell them to calm down, it's only two games, but that might ruin my sense of Schadenfreude.

11.59 AM: Just recieved a text that Nick Adenhart (P) of the Angels has been killed in a car accident. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Adenharts, the Angels, and all who knew him.

12.43 PM: Nothing like walking down Arthur Ave on a warm spring day in the Bronx and hearing classical music blaring out of the speakers of a passing car...

1.16: Some have made a good point: Joba would do well to take a lesson from the Adenhart tragedy. Well, not just Joba. Anyone that's gotten into a car after just one too many.

1.41 PM: Strike out for Jeter. Looks like the Yankee hitters are the ones that have been doing all the striking out.

1.46 PM: Yankees offense goes down without a fight. Cue the panicking. Bring on Burnett.

1.49 PM: Great catch by Damon reaching into the stands.

1.52 PM: First K of the year for Yankees pitching!

1.54 PM: Second K of the year! Strong inning from Burnett.

1.59 PM: Another 1-2-3 inning for Yankee offense. This inning, down on eight pitches.

2.20 PM: After Gardner's single and Molina's walk the Yankees are unable to bring home a run as Jeter sacrifice bunts and Damon grounds out.

2.30 PM: An RBI single for Brian Roberts and Baltimore leads 1-0. Yankees fans everywhere sigh, "here we go again".

2.35 PM: Burnett in a big spot early in the game, bases loaded and two out. Seems to have lost the zone.

2.38 PM: And with a K of Aubrey Huff, Burnett escapes further damage. Cue the "OMGFISTPUMP"-ers.

2.41 PM: That'll keep the boobirds quiet for a bit. Home run to dead center from Mark Teixeira. Welcome to the Yankees, kid.

2.48 PM: It's a day for Yankee newcomers as Swisher goes yard and the Yankees take a 3-1 lead.

3.03 PM: Burnett showing some trouble: Home run from Luke Scott followed by single for Pie. He's already at 68 pitches and it's only the fourth.

3.06 PM: Burnett really getting hit hard here. Nice throw from Molina to nab Pie, but the Yankees still only have a one run lead. Burnett may be overthrowing a bit.

3.08 PM: Burnett avoids more trouble with an easy grounder. Yankees would do well to build more than a one-run lead, however.

3.16 PM: Not the offensive inning the Yankees needed.

3.20 PM: Nice strike out and nice inning for Burnett.

3.33 PM: Like I said, good day for Yankee newcomers. Swisher drives in Teixeira and the Yankees take a 4-2 lead; Swisher responsible for three of those runs.

3.38 PM: Wow. What should have been a slow grounder that would get the force out at home with the bases loaded, Bass and Moeller cannot complete the play and two Yankees runs come home. 6-2 Yankees, one out, runners on 2nd and 3rd.

3.41 PM: RBI single from...José Molina! 7-2 Yankees.

3.45 PM: And that, ladies and gentlemen, was why Jeter was moved from the 2-spot. Still, Yankees score four and now have a considerable cushion.

3.55 PM: From the article on the crash that killed Nick Adenhart, courtesy of, "The minivan's driver fled the scene and was later arrested, Brower said. Andrew Thomas Gallo, 22, of Riverside will face charges of manslaughter, felony driving under the influence and hit-and-run, he said". Babies killing babies?

3.58 PM: Great inning for Phil Coke. He could be a real weapon out of the bullpen.

4.07 PM: Robbie Canó hits a two run bomb. Guess the Bronx Bombers are out in full force today.

4.17 PM: Nice, easy inning for José Veras. I know some people are worried about the Yankees' bullpen, but I think they'll be fine.

4.24 PM: In his first AB, pinch-hitting for Jeter, Melky Cabera strikes out on three pitches. I know there are a lot of Melky defenders out there, but I've been fairly impressed with Gardner out of the eight/nine spot so far.

4.33 PM: Great job by the Yankee bullpen today.

4.34 PM: Ramiro Peña, in his first big league at bat, gets his first major league hit! Congratulations to him.

4.39 PM: Canó has had a heck of a series. He could potentially be the most underrated bat in the Yankee line up if he keeps this up.

4.41 PM: Swisher now has RBIs four and five. Think maybe he wants to start?

4.51 PM: Mo with the K a perfect, fitting end for the first win of the season.


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