Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yankees vs Angels, 30 April 2009: A Liveblog

5.08 PM: I have a ton of work to do (again), so the updates will be few and far between.

Bobby Abreu is making his return to the Bronx tonight, he should get a nice hand.

Some nasty looking rain clouds overhead; the forecast for the next week is basically every day, so I would not be surprised to see bunch of rain delays or a rain out or two. It would suck, but such is life when you don't build a stadium with a roof.

5.17 PM: Madagascar bothers me. Stop closing your ports, damnit!

(No, really, I'm doing my work, I promise!)

7.21 PM: Unless my ears deceive me, and it's been known to happen, Bobby Abreu got a 'roll call' from the bleacher creatures. Nice move.

7.27 PM: Some nice 2-out hitting there. Matsui's legs seem to be feeling better.

7.32 PM: Bandbox.

7.57 PM: Great bounceback inning for Burnett. Now we'll see if the top of the order can do something about that. Am a little surprised Jeter showed enough range to get to that baseball, of course...

Also, these smoking commercials? Can someone please stop them? If you don't know by now that smoking is bad for you, I don't think those ads are gonna help much.

8.02 PM: Bandbox.

8.31 PM: Some nice 2-out clutchin' from the cap'n. Yanks up, 4-3.

8.37 PM: AJ Burnett, apparently, does not want to win this game.

8.58 PM: That CS of Napoli was a thing of beauty. Never mind what Posada did last night, but catchers probably shouldn't steal bases.

9.33 PM: I kind of hate Jacoby Ellsbury right now.

9.43 PM: Melkman is being all sorts of awesome of late. And Robbie has a 17 game hit streak.

Oh, buy the way? Stadium sounds deafening right now, even with the empty seats. And it's raining.

HOLY RAMIRO PEÑA, his first career RBI(s)!

9.58 PM: Mo's getting hit a lot more this year, isn't he?