Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yankees at Red Sox, 26 Aprill 2009: A Liveblog

5.04 PM: Tonight's Yankees line up from LoHud begs two questions:

1) Is Girardi trying to get swept?

2) Is Damon hurt from last night's date with the Green Monster in the latter innings?

The line up:

Gardner CF
Jeter SS
Teixeira 1B
Swisher LF
Cano 2B
Posada C
Matsui DH
Cabrera RF
Berroa 3B

5.35 PM: The answer to question one seems to be question two. The problem isn't so much giving Damon a day off as it is having both Gardner and Cabrera in the line up.

6.26 PM: Here's some irony for you: Down on the farm, Carmen Angeline, he of the error-in-every-game-but-three variety, scored today...on an error.

6.34 PM: From LoHud (link above): Johnny Damon is out of the lineup with a sore right shoulder, a sore knee and a sore back. Ouch!

7.30 PM: Every time I read something about Swine Flu I get a scratchy throat. Yay for being a hypochondriac!

8.09 PM: Finally ready to get underway. Meanwhile in the other game I'm watching, Rolston should shoot the f'ing puck once in a while.

8.16 PM: Yankees go down 1-2-3 in the first, without getting a single ball past the infield. I hope this is not a sign to things to come. With my luck, however...

8.24 PM: You mean these two teams actually put together a scoreless inning? A lead off single for Ellsbury goes for naught as Pedroia flies out to deep center and Ortiz lines into a double play.

8.31 PM: A base hit would have been nice. Swisher put together a decent AB but struck out; Canó dribbled a ball that should have gone foul but didn't, and Jorge Posada flew out to left.

8.40 PM: Back to back two out singles for the Red Sox. Meanwhile it looks like the Devils-Canes series will be heading for a game 7. Maybe I'll try to get a ticket.

8.46 PM: Andy Pettitte works around the two singles and the score is still (!!) 0-0 after two.

8.49 PM: Matsui with the Yankees first hit of the evening, a lead off single. Let's see if they can do anything with it.

8.54 PM: Gardner with a sac fly after Berroa's sac bunt after Melky's single (got that?) plates Matsui. Yankees lead 1-0.

Meanwhile, Joe Morgan says the Yankees are not and offensive juggernaut and yet the rank in the top five in many offensive categories...

8.57 PM: After Jeter reaches on an error Teixeira flies out on the first pitch he sees. 1-0 Yankees after two and a half. I don't expect the score to last very long.

9.04 PM: Fenway park loves their sausages? Dude, there are kids watching...

9.07 PM: Yeah, this lead is not going to last very long. Angel Berroa has two errors in one inning. And we thought Cody Ransom was a black hole...

9.10 PM: Never a Pettitte start without a pick off.

9.24 PM: Ayayay, is that a BLACK HOLE OF DOOM at the bottom of the Yanks' line up or what? With Canó at third and two out, Melky swings at the first pitch and hits a lazy ground ball. Meanwhile, Matsui is 2-2.

9.34 PM: Andy Pettitte works around a two out walk and strikes out Lowell to end the inning. Still tied 1-1.

9.44 PM: Teixeira gives one a ride but it falls short on the warning track. We go bottom five still tied 1-1.

9.48 PM: Andy Pettitte has thrown five straight out of the strike zone. Ah, there's a strike.

9.57 PM: Pettitte walks two and gets burned with a two out double by David Ortiz. 2-1 Sox. Pettitte's pitch count is getting precariously high.

10.02 PM: A straight steal of home for Jacoby Ellsbury and now a ground-ruled double and it's 4-1 Boston.

Did someone on the Yankees murder a baby or something? I don't understand the karma.

10.23 PM: Wow, the Yankees look kinda helpless right now, don't they? Maybe we'll get to see Melancon...

10.30 PM: Pettitte manages to get through six innings. Alas, unless the Yankee offense can put something together, it will go for naught. I wonder how many times we'll be forced to watch replays of Ellsbury's steal of home...

10.40 PM: Right now it looks like this will be only the second time all season the Yankees have failed to plate more than four runs.

10.44 PM: Welcome to the bigs, Mark Melancon.

10.45 PM: Wow, I'm kinda shocked Melancon was able to handle that with the bat flying everywhere.

10.47 PM: Is Melancon single? Will he marry a Jew?

10.57 PM: I hope someone starts throwing crap in the locker room or something after this game. At least get SOMETHING out of these guys.

11.04 PM: The Sox have the bases loaded and no one one out. I am sorely tempted to throw something through a window, but I don't have enough money to pay for a replacement. However, if you'd like to donate to the cause I can totally give you my paypal information.

11.08 PM: Mark Melancon gets out of the jam without allowing a run. You know, it is entirely possible I might forget about how much this loss sucks just to fawn over Melancon...