Monday, April 13, 2009

Please Step Off the Ledge (and give at the altar of Nick Swisher) (Postgame, 13 April 2008)

Bad losses happen. So do utter blow outs.

Yeah, the Yankees need to figure out what's going on with Wang and make sure he's not hurt. Yeah, the bullpen could be doing a slightly better job right now.

Every team has weaknesses and concerns. It's how you deal with these that determine your character as a team.

You can be sure the Yankees aren't about to go jump off a ledge on April 13th, so there's no need for you to do so, either.

Hey, anyway, Nick Swisher and Jorge Posada both look great at the plate, and Canó hasn't looked half-bad either. Even in a 15-5 loss (hey! They still scored 5 runs!), there are bright spots!

Nick Swisher even pitches! (Walk, hit, K, pop out, fly out)! He is the most effective pitcher tonight!

Better quality:

Anyway, why don't you check out what the kids did down on the farm. I guarantee it will make you feel better.

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