Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Redemption of Jose Veras (Postgame notes 22 April 2009)

A few observations from today's game before I get back to work:

  • Today's game can be divided in two halves: in the first seven innings neither team pitched. In the second seven, neither team hit.
  • They vote on the player of the game back in the eighth inning, but the real player of the game, José Veras, didn't even show up until the eleventh.
  • Yankee Stadium is still playing like a bandbox, thought the home runs don't seem to be flying quite as much through the heavier air, but there were still five home runs in today's game (Suzuki, Matsui, Jeter and two from Cabrera)
  • The immediate reaction after Melky's game winning home run? "Why the heck didn't you do that in the seventh inning when the bases were chucked?
  • A loss today would have realy lingered going into the off day, and in 2008 it's the type of game the Yankees seemed to lose a lot. This year, however, this team keeps showing fight. It's encouraging. The team is now three games over .500 and only a game back of the Jays in the loss column. The standings right now don't really matter, but it's been a while since the Yankees have seen first place.