Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yankees Look to Even Record with First Win

[Due to the holiday, I will be unable to cover this evening's game]

The Yankees will try for their first win of the season today, sending their is-he-or-isn't-he-an-ace pitcher, Chien Ming Wang, to the mound in Baltimore.

Wang lead the Yankees' rotation in wins in 2006 and 2007, winning 19 games each of those years, and was on pace to do so again in 2008 before a foot injury cut his season short. He has not appeared in a regular season game since last June, when he was injured rounding the bases in an interleague game in Houston.

The other thing fans will likely be watching is how Mark Teixeira responds (again) to the boos, which were probably much greater than he imagined they would be on Monday. While Teixeira is an admitted slow-starter, his 0-4 on Monday, including an AB with the tying run on third, did not exactly make the greatest first impression. Even so, it's a very long season, and Teixeira will more than likely prove his worth.

The Yankees should, perhaps, be thankful that hey are starting the season in Baltimore--this morning, in New York, there were snow flakes.

Welcome spring, indeed.

Happy Passover to those who observe it; I'll try to post something after the game, but, alas, cannot make any promises.

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