Monday, January 28, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened On My To Class Today....

Maybe it's because it's ten degrees warmer outside today than it's been the past two weeks.

Maybe it's because with January winding down, the countdown to pitchers and catchers has really begun in earnest.

Maybe it's because it's beginning to hit me that the 2008 Yankees season has got so much going for it, so much potential...

...but while going to class today, a squirrel crossed my path, and I was reminded of last September, when, for just about every game, every time a squirrel crossed my path, the Yankees won the game.

I know it sounds odd, but you probably don't have to remember too hard to remember Scooter the Squirrel's appearance on the right field foul pole, and how the Yankees swept that series against Boston, and then, the next week, took two of three from Seattle (who was the Yankees' biggest playoff spot competition at the time). I'm sure you remember how it was maybe a week after Phil Rizzuto had gone to play shortstop for Heaven's side, so there was something...else...about the squirrel being there.

Every time I saw a squirrel in the fall, I would think about that.

About November, when the weather started to turn in earnest, I stopped seeing squirrels on my way to class. It was the beginning of winter, after all, and even squirrels can freeze in Syracuse.

Today I saw a squirrel for the first time since we put the bats and the gloves away last 1 November.

There's still a few weeks of unbearable cold up here, but today I was reminded that Spring really is just around the corner...


  1. Poor Girl...
    It was up to 32/34, when I left Rochester(NY) area the other day. I hope Scooter returns this year, we could use the help. Say, this new set up(w/computer) is working fine. Now, if I don't mess it up I'll be able to read yours and Petes blogs while away. 27/08

  2. Scooter did it again... or at least your Scooter did it. Santana to the Mets. Thank you thank you mets. See, hang in the girl, good things happen when you see a Squirrel. 27/08