Monday, January 7, 2008

Roger That!

About the Clemens press conference today, there is one thing I'm focusing on:

Clemens says that Brian McNamee injected him with Lidocaine and B12. Clemens says he never provided the drugs, and thus inferred that McNamee did.


How does Clemens know that what McNamee injected him with was in fact what McNamee said it was?

The phone conversation, engrossing as it was, is embellishment.

My thoughts with McNamee's family; I know how difficult Celiac disease can be to deal with, it is not something to be taken lightly.

Clemens did come across much more natural today than he did last night which I found reassuring. You may (and I expect, will) disagree.


  1. ok, but your thinking that "what if brian did it on his own." thats kinda conspiracy theorist sounding. mcnamee doesnt seem that smart, steroids is a big money biz, i dont think brian would just do it without saying i need money for these. when i say that smart, i mean smart enough to secretly give clemens steroids.

  2. I still think Clemens juiced, but there isn't a lot of proof. To me, the Mitchell report isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

    I could see Clemens refering to Steroids as B-12 so that on a technicality he never inquired about roids but the understanding being that it was in fact steroids. That's what baseball players used to do with amphetemines in "extra juiced coffee."