Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You Go Goose!

Congratulations are in order for former Yankees' reliever Goose Gossage who today was voted into the Hall of Fame!

Known as much for his mustache as for his fastball, Gossage recieved over 85% of the vote on his ninth try for the Hall.

Jim Rice, who was also strongly considered, fell just short, with 72% of the vote. He has one year left of eligibility on the ballot, but, with such a high total this time around it will be surprising if he doesn't make it next year.

For those interested, the complete voting tally (from the above linked ESPN article):

Goose Gossage 466 85.8
Jim Rice 392 72.2
Andre Dawson 358 65.9
Bert Blyleven 336 61.9
Lee Smith 235 43.3
Jack Morris 233 42.9
Tommy John 158 29.1
Tim Raines 132 24.3
Mark McGwire 128 23.6
Alan Trammell 99 18.2
Dave Concepcion 88 16.2
Don Mattingly 86 15.8
Dave Parker 82 15.1
Dale Murphy 75 13.8
Harold Baines 28 5.2
Others receiving votes: Rod Beck 2, Travis Fryman 2, Robb Nen 2, Shawon Dunston 1, Chuck Finley 1, David Justice 1, Chuck Knoblauch 1, Todd Stottlemyre 1.

You know, for a slow moth, as January is supposed to be, there's a whole lot going on....


  1. Something positive happened to the Yankees.Thats surpising.

    But Glad Goose is finally in.I think Rice should have been also.I think next year is his last year to be inducted.

  2. "You know, for a slow moth, as January is supposed to be, there's a whole lot going on...."

    {Waiting patiently for the FAST 'moth'... heeheehee}

  3. Charles: Eeeps!!

    My computer's aging fast and some of the keys take some extra pushing on to actually appear...

  4. Jim Rice deserved to be in. If he doesn't get in next year, it'll be a travesty. (there's a word that's not used enough)

    Congratulations to Goose though!

  5. I wuz just teasin' ya, Becca ;-) My keyboard skips so much that I have gotten into the habit of proofing [almost] everything before sending =:-0

    I loved when Goose would come into the game. He threw as hard as anyone, and looked fierce in addition. [I really dug Sparky Lyle, too, though]. What Bobby Murcer sang, really [we all felt that way!]

  6. Sully the Moth BusterJanuary 9, 2008 at 12:39 PM

    I like slow moths. They'e easy to catch when then fly out of your clothes hanging in the closet!

    Those fast moths are tricky to catch!

    Rice in '09 for sure or I'm gi'in up baseball fa eva

  7. Can you guys please look at some actual numbers before declaring that your giving up if Jim Rice doesn't make it?
    Career #'s:
    OBP: .352- average
    SLG: .502- Good, not HOF good, 86th all-time, behind guys like Ellis Burks, Scott Rolen and Marcus Giles
    OPS+: 12-Again, solid, but not hall of fame worthy. Tied for 173rd all-time with guys like Tim Salmon, Ryan Klesko, and JD Drew, among many others
    Besides his mediocre offensive stats, he was a very poor defender, and only played 140 or more games in 12 seasons.
    If Jim Rice DOES make the HOF next year, I Quit.