Thursday, January 24, 2008

NFL Picks: The Super Bowl

So since there is still another week before the big dance, I thought I'd do two different predictions--one why the Giants will win, and one why the Patriots will win.

I should be clear though, that even as a NY Jets fan, I am rooting 100% for the Giants. Why? When it's New York and New England, there's really only one choice. Unless it's hockey. In which case the choice is the Devils.

So, I'll get to it:

Why the Patriots will win the Super Bowl:

Okay. They're 18-0 so far, which is not only really good, but has never actually been done before. They have a quarterback who is having a 2007 A-Rod like season in terms of stats, but without any sort of opt out controversy.

The Patriots are good. Not just the run-of-the-mill good enough to get to the playoffs and maybe even the third round good, like some hockey and basketball teams, but good like the '98 Yankees, '72 Dolphins, the Bulls that one year, etc. They're Good.

This decade, the Patriots have played like the Packers and Cowboys of old, dominating the league to the point that it's just assumed they'll be in the postseason--and when your division contains the Jets, Bills and Dolphins, well, maybe that's all need be said. However, the Patriots haven't just dominated the AFC East; they've been better than nearly ever other team in the league. Only the Colts have come close to equaling their achievements in the conference over the past few years, and the AFC...well, they have won eight of the last ten Super Bowls.

This year, the Patriots have not just Brady, but Moss and Maroney, and a defense that, well, you know, it wins championships.

So they're good.

Okay, now that was rather hard to right as a Jets fan, but it's true. The Patriots are that good.

They might, however, not be good enough.

Check back next Thursday, same place, to see why the Giants will win!


  1. LoHud reader here.

    I think the Giants have a great chance simply because the Pats now are in a "must-win" situation while everyone expects the Giants to get blown out. I think this fact is why we've seen the Giants play loose yet tight at the same time in the playoffs, they have no expectations weighing them down. For some reason they always do better as the underdog role, and I see a lot of parallels with this Super Bowl and the 1990 Giants/2001 Patriots team. Both were beaten in the regular season by their eventual SB enemies, were both double-digit underdogs facing extremely potent offenses and came out on top. The 2001 Pats also started 0-2 and came back to go out on top.

    As a Jets fan, who's more of the enemy? The Giants or the Pats?

  2. RVA: The Patriots. No question.

    The Patriots are in our division; the Giants aren't even in our conference. What the Giants do won't affect the Jets, unless the two are playing each other.

    The only time I root against the Giants is when they're playing the Jets....or when I want to spite my brothers.

  3. Sorry, the Jets play in Giants Stadium and are constantly overshadowed by Big Blue. It's not that easy for me to root for them. I probably will, but it's not something easy for me.

  4. You are supposed to pick the Giants to lose so that way they win. That's how they won their other playoff games.