Sunday, January 6, 2008

Roger That?

So I'm guessing a fair lot of you caught the Roger Clemens interview on 60 Minutes.

I saw it, and had basically just one reaction: Clemens looked stiff, uncomfortable and rehearsed.

Now, I'm guessing that he had talked with his lawyer before doing the interview and some of the answers were, in fact, planned, but that does not help Clemens.

Many times you can tell more from an interview based not on what the interviewee says, but how they say it. One of the things I've actually learned in my four years at school: we communicate more with body language then actual words.

Clemens' body language? Stiff, uncomfortable...I kept waiting to see him squirm.

I'm hoping that it was the cameras, and overcompensating for any fidgeting he might naturally do (like tapping his foot or whatnot), but it's not like it's the first time he's ever been on TV.

The interview itself contained no surprising content, other then McNamee asking to borrow his fishing equipment (which was really, really low if true), so a lot more is likely to come from his press conference tomorrow and later testifying for Congress.

There is much to give credence to either side of the story, and though I try to be optimistic about the Yankees as a whole, I generally tend to be cynical with a lot of other things.

I wish there was a way to truly exonerate Clemens, but unless McNamee full on admits he was lying, there isn't, and, the Constitution aside, it's damn easy to label someone guilty until proven innocent.

This might drag on for years before we ever get a definitive answer.


  1. So what's your take on taking this to court?

    I think it's good because it gives a definitive answer. Whether it's a true answer we may never know.

    But the one thing that I applaud Roger for doing is saying "I never bought them, McNamee says I provided them, so why hasn't anyone come forward?"

    Yes, there MAY be a guy that Roger just paid off 5 million dollars to or something. BUT... let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he's saying it because there IS no guy.

    If there is, I bet that guy is thinking he can come forward NOW.

  2. I'll be impressed if they find a judge that's not completely biased one way or another.