Friday, January 25, 2008

Oh, right, this is a Yankees' blog...

Reading through the recent entries, I just realized that on the entire front page of a New York Yankees blog, I have not one post related directly to the Yankees, except for mentioning Phil Hughes' blog.

So I should probably fix that, seeing as this is, first and foremost, a Yankees blog.

It is a rather slow time, when the off-season really does feel like an off-season, but there are a couple things of note, many of which will be familiar:

Cano and Yankees close to long-term deal: The important thing to take away from this is not necessarily the numbers, but the length. It's unusual for baseball players to get long term deals at this point in a career (the first that Cano is arbitration eligible), so that lets you know just how highly the Yankees think of their second baseman. Hey, if he learns how to run the bases properly, Cano could go from being a reallygood player to one of those guys who flirt with immortality...

The numbers that Chien Ming Wang and the Yankees submitted, in terms of salary, are fairly close, so the two sides should have no trouble coming to an agreement. Then again, should is a funny word.

In other news, you have probably heard that the Feds have been unable to locate Chuck Knoblauch to serve him with a subpeona. While we shouldn't find this funny, there is a bit of humor, especially with the 'he went to go find first base' jokes. I don't blame him for trying to keep his head down and stay out of the limelight, but there are extremes at both ends. Of course, I hope that he's not actually in any sort of trouble, and who knows, maybe they'll make a movie of it some day...

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  1. Oh how I've missed Yankee talk!

    The Cano deal is a no-lose proposition. He'll be locked up for a 4 years at an affordable price. That should help keep payroll down. Also, should the Yankees ever want to trade Cano (for say Santana or someone), his contract will be manageable and tradeable. This is true even if something happens and Cano regresses, thee'd be plenty of suitors willing to take the risk.

    This is one area where the Red Sox have really outperformed the Yankees. They try and avoid giving out huge contracts and thus can more easily shed their mistakes (Renteria) or change direction (Alex Gonzalez) if they choose.

    We all know the Yankees can afford to spend. However, other teams can't. So, if guys like Giambi are signed to obscene contracts, and the team wishes to change direction, there's nothing that can be done except to eat some money. I'm glad to see Cashman and the Yankees at least tweaking their approach.