Friday, January 4, 2008

Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee Asked to Testify

According to ESPN and NBC news, Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee have been asked to testify before Congress.

On that note,

Among the things people are recommending in terms of anti-PED activism, the one that strikes the most resonance for myself is the idea of education directed at students and young athletes.

We already do anti-drug and anti-alcohol programs like DARE, so i have to wonder, would it be that hard to add in a little bit about PEDs?

We could even do it in stages--broader for younger students, but more intense for older students, and especially for student athletes.

Just something to think about...

Meanwhile, this has easily been one of the most boring weeks in the year (I'm a Jets fan, so I don't have football fever)...but every day is a little bit longer, and it's one less day until the start of spring.

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  1. I agree that education is important, and no maturing teenager should be using PEDS, but I think it's wrong to totally blame the professional players for it.

    IMO, that is one of the last reason kids do steroids. They do it to compete, make the team, to maybe go pro, NOT because their favorite player did it. Coaches and parents need to stop emphasizing being big, and then the culture may change.