Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Musically Inclined?

I've seen a bunch of blog post recently (OK, Phil Hughes and Pete Abraham) about compiling a playlist for Spring Training, or the journey to said Spring Training.

So, seeing as there isn't much baseball news for now, I thought I'd share a playlist.

This is my, "Congratulations, You've Just Made the Bigs" playlist. I usually play one of these songs any time I get some really awesome news, have done something really awesome, or when I'm just in a really, really good mood.

Amy Ray~Put It Out For Good
Billy Joel-We Didn't Start the Fire (especially any time I ace an American history exam or paper...)
Coldplay-Clocks, A Message, Fix You, Till Kingdom Come
Daughtry--It's Not Over
Foo Fighters--Learn To Fly
Goo Goo Dolls--Stay With You, Let Love In, Broadway (I love Iris too, but it's not a 'feel good' song)
The Killers--Somebody Told Me
Lacuna Coil--Heaven's a Lie
Lifehouse--Hanging By a Moment
Linkin Park--Numb, KRWLNG, What I've Done
Live--Show, Sofia, Get Ready, Mystery, Sweet Release, Home, I Alone (if you can't tell, this is my favorite band. Like ever.)
Nightwish--I wish I had an Angel, Nemo, Ghost Love Score
REM--Losing my Religion
Red Hot Chili Peppers--Dani California
Santana--Primavera, Migra, Maria Maria
Tyler Bates--To Victory (300 soundtrack)
U2--City of Blinding Lights, Where the Streets Have no Name
Ziggy Marley--Love is my Religion

That's by no means all the music I like--I have a lot of celtic, renaissance and medieval music as well, but that's the music I like to play when I'm in a really good mood.

Feel free to share some of your good mood music!


  1. Any playlist should include something by the Beatles. You can't go wrong there. These days I can't get "strawberry fields" out of my head. I really enjoy the site btw.

  2. polidoor: Thanks! I like a lot of Beatles' stuff...but I'm not sure I can pick a favorite song.

    Is your username after Polydore Vergil?