Thursday, January 31, 2008

NFL Picks: The Super Bowl, Part Two

As promised:

Why the Giants will win the Super Bowl

The only way I can explain it is destiny--teams that start 0-2 don't usually make it this far in a postseason--and yet this exactly what has happened.

At the beginning of the season, the Jets were the ones fresh off a playoff year; there was no question about Mangini as a coach, most experts had them at 9-7. The Jets, however, had what can best be described as a complete collapse...and the Giants didn't.

They had bad losses to Dallas, Green Bay...even Washington...but somehow, some way, they made it into the playoffs, and, as we all know, everything changes in the postseason.

So why will the Giants win the Super Bowl?

They've done that thing where they get better as the season goes on, unlike the Patriots, who struggled for their last win against the Giants, trailing by 12 at one point.

They've won an obscene number of games on the road, and the Super Bowl is many things, but a home game, it is not.

They've survived injuries to Shockey, who hasn't appeared in any playoff game and Burress, who has shown sheer grit through playing through an ankle injury that would sideline lesser men--if Maroney and Moss went down, I'm not sure the Patriots would be quite as immortal as everyone is making them out to be.

They've done all of this without Tiki Barber.

The Giants are kind of like the Rockies were last October--they sneak up on you, you're not expecting it at all because they're not one of the powerhouse teams in their league, yet, before you know it, they're there, in the final round. The difference is, the Giants now just have to win one game, not four.

The Patriots are past due for a loss.

New York is past due for some football glory.

The Giants have the momentum and the sheer bravado to get it done.

Tune in Sunday, February 3rd, to find out which it is!

I usually have a wager with my brother, but as this time he's a Giants fan and I don't want the Patriots to win, we'd both be picking the same side...

If I have to though,

Giants 34, New England 17.


  1. I wouldn't consider the second Washington game a bad loss. The only way that would've happened is if they loss back to back games. The Giants didn't play well and made Eli Manning throw the ball 53 times in the wind. However, the Minnesota loss 41 to 17 at home was a bad loss. At the time the Giants didn't play too well at London (then again who would play well at a designed soccer field), then Dallas and then scoring 16 points vs. the Lions.

  2. Since I've been so great picking games this post-season (note Sarcasm), I'm gonna stick with the Pats and not jump on the Giants bandwagon.


    Patriots 41
    Giants 24

  3. As much as I wish I agreed with this prediction I don't. I think the Giants can win, and think they'll pull it out, but I see it being much closer. Been a Giants fan from day 1 and just can't see them blowing out the Pat's, not when they have 19-0 on the line, the Pats won't let that happen.