Friday, January 4, 2008

A Note About the Blogroll

Just a quick note--

As you may have noticed, the blog roll over on the side has gotten increasingly large.

I've got no issue adding your blog or site as long as it's relevant, and not R-rated, but I am counting on you to keep it updated on a fairly regular basis.

By fairly regular, I'm going to say, oh, at least once a month in the offseason and once a week during the season.

Sound good?

Meanwhile, while it's a great time to be a NJ Devils fan, Travis Zajac got his finger bitten by Flyers' player Darien Hatcher during tonight's Devils' win..., I'm all for hockey goonage, but, uh, biting? For real?


  1. Take a look at It's up to you if you want to add me because I added you and I think your website is good.

  2. seriously. why don't I watch more hockey?