Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello, World!

So if you're reading this, there's a chance you may have just hopped over from Pete Abraham's site, so if you're new I'd like to say 'welcome' and 'Let's Go Yankees!'

Feel free to click around; there hasn't been a ton of Yankee stuff of late, so if you're looking for Yankees-specific entries, use the sidebar to navigate.

If you've got your own blog and want a link, or if you just want to say hello, feel free to drop me a line at

Only seventeen days, not counting the 28th (today) to go 'till Spring Training.

A bonus nugget for the regular readers: In March, I'm going to attempt a preview-a-day season preview, starting on 1 March with the Angels, and going in alphabetical order, so that the last one, on 30 March, the day before the season starts is the New York Yankees.

I promise, I'll try not to let school get in the way too much...


  1. Rebecca...
    Just read your post on PAs Blog, great.
    You will be getting some hits here soon. Have you had a chance to read some of memories your article has brought out? Very good young girl. Good luck on your writing and masters(?).

  2. Becca, always a pleasure to read your words. Nice one, over at Pete Abe's; left me with a very positive feeling. Thanks!

  3. Wow! What a great piece of writing on the Lohud site. Keep up the good work. And I can't wait either till the start of spring trainning. I'm looking forward to reading your many wonderful stories about the Yankees in '08.

  4. Rebecca,
    That was an outstanding story on Pete’s blog today. Also, did you notice that Jennifer Steinbrenner represented the family at the New York Baseball Writers’ Association of America dinner? The more she’s involved with the team the better off we all are. I hope the three kids – Hank, Hal and Jennifer – share equally in running their father’s team someday.

  5. old ranger: Thanks, indeed, and of course!

    And thank you!

    MGW: Thank you

    Polidoor: Thank you!

    Todd Drew: Thank you! And yes, I did and I hope the same as you!

  6. Being a newbie at reading and answering the blogs, I must say I always enjoyed you Mel and Jenny on Petes blog. I have begun to read your series on your blog here. No surprise, it is very well done. I was posting as ken777, but now (as I had to go southwest, my son has set me up with some thing of a majig that lets me post from my lap top etc. So, hope to finish reading your stuff. Again good luck, keep on keeping on. 27/08