Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Knitting Knotes (or something like that)

I am a Yankees' blogger, sure, but I am also a woman.

So, on occasion, I do (typically) female stuff, like knitting. I haven't made anything in ages, but I got the itch to do it again this weekend, so I made myself a rather simple scarf.

The color doesn't show quite right on the picture, but it's actually a very nice burgundy.


If you haven't checked out Phil Hughes' new blog, you should.

Last night he had a post up where you could submit questions and he would answer a few...some of the ones submitted are really good so far, so it should be fun to read his responses.

I don't know about you guys, but I cannot wait for February 14th....only 22 days from now!


  1. Nice scarf, Rebecca. My wife took a knitting class last spring. She hasn’t finished anything, but the best part was that Rachel Rutherford was in her class. She got a New York City Ballet program signed for me from when Rachel danced Concerto Barocco.

  2. Todd: That's awesome!

    I've never taken a class...I learned how to knit from my roommate during a summer program I did, and everything else from the internet, there's a great site:

  3. The Doctor's CompanionJanuary 23, 2008 at 6:30 PM

    Dude, you should totally knit a Doctor Who scarf! ;)

    I've always been wigged out about knitting though just because of the over/under/whichever other way numbers.

  4. Nice site, and very nice scarf. Just curious, why is it a challenge to be a "baseball purist" and a "Yankee fan". Please tell me you aren't going to sing the PAYROLL BLUES for all the other teams? - if you do, then tell me how the Yankees are any different than a big time college sports program who makes tons of money and gets tons of exposure for players is any different? For me, a true purist is someone who never complains that the game is too slow, because a purist understands everything that is going on between pitches, and if you 'get that', you can rarely be bored watching a game.
    If you want to talk about imbalances of purity and something else, you should inject Bud Selig's name as the foil.

  5. Anon--

    Most baseball purists hate the Yankees on principle--not necessarily of the money but because of the 26 rings. Most purists take the Red Sox or the Cubs, or whoever is the perennial underdog.

    It's kind of like saying that you're a life long Democrat, but you're supporting Mike Huckabee, in a sense.

    The payroll thing doesn't bother me. For one thing, the Red Sox are right up there. For another, if money really did buy championships, then someone's gotta explain the Rangers, the Knicks, et al, to me.

    And while I generally like it when games are over before two AM so I can go to sleep at a reasonable time, I certainly won't complain about a game moving too slow.

    Baseball can be the best Americana has to offer...rushing it is like a crime.

    Thanks for the scarf compliments and I hope you continue to enjoy reading!